Church in Mosul, Iraq
Church in Mosul, Iraq

I have been thinking about the Middle East and how to stop ISIS. In addition to forming a coalition of Nations to destroy them , why not consider the following?

1. Since they appear to thrive on Publicity and they are sophisticated “Techies” , I would recommend a blackout of all of their Social Media sites. If they wish to bomb everyone back to the Stone Age, let them live by Stone Age rules.

2. Make it difficult to use their computers. Where are Hackers, when you need them?

3. Consider all foreign nationals who join their regime, “Terrorists ” to be tried for ” crimes against their Nation”, when and if they return to their Country of origin.

4. Since ISIS makes money from various income Streams, cut off their access to money. We have the ability to trace several levels of money laundering. Why isn’t providing funds to ISIS a crime? I don’t wish to give anyone ideas, but Bitcoins, to my knowledge are not as transparent. Perhaps we could contrive to sell Bitcoins short, and curtail their buying power?

5. Why not stop the International trade of Antiquities from becoming another ISIS income stream?  Make trading in illegal , un-documented , stolen Antiquities, non transferable, similar to the Ivory Trade?

Dear readers, these are several methods I thought about last night, to stop the ISIS “publicity and money supply” . I invite anyone to offer your suggestions as well. We’re dealing with men and women , who have chosen Terrorism as a career path. They are made of ” flesh and blood”, just like the rest of US. They can be stopped, we need the will, we have the means. Let’s unite when, Politics effects Us. Wishing everyone, all the best.


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    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Wishing you the best.
      I will continue to Post and keep everyone informed on issues that concern us all.
      Let’s toast caring about our World and all it’s inhabitants.
      Earth is too beautiful to “waste”.

  2. Time has come to the free world to put into practice all resources to stop and bring down these terrorists, radicalized
    sub-humans, who are only interested in
    doing away with our free system thruout the entire world.
    How to stop these radicalized, advocates ? …who are into every country in Europe, and USA… and everywhere else in Asia and elsewhere.
    At this very minute start setting up a similar operation as happened during 2nd World War…Japan caused the
    Pearl Harbour attack and the USA decided to restrict the Civil rights of the Japanese Community since they were in war and USA could not take the chance to have these Japanese Community from jeopardizing any further the traumatic chaos while on War.
    With Izis , Advocates; radicalized, newcomers, refuges from Middle East
    Read to them now, at the onset,the State of the Union. Meaning they are
    under full time surveillance, names addresses, families names and addresses, references to stay in contact with them at all times….micromanagement included the
    Mandatory radio device to listen to all
    conversations while being in this country…if they leave USA, places they are now and when they are back
    Reinstalled the radio, body device to keep listening what they are up to.
    That is a price all these people have to pay if they want to be stepping on American Soil … They are killing at their free will….

    1. Hi: Thanks for your comment. I agree, terrorists have no place in a free society. I pray that a “moderate” Arab voice will emerge and denounce them as well. It is time to for humanity to move forward and we don’t want to spend precious resources and “our Treasure” eradicating them. Arab nations need ” to step up to the plate” and stop the hate rhetoric and the killing and start practicing humane treatment of their populace. Otherwise, the West will continue to suffer.

      To bad we’re still reliant on oil?
      Please continue to read my Posts and comment. All the best. Joyce

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