PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Decrease Carbons, Stop Terrorism!

Ice cap "calving" part of global warming process
Ice cap “calving”
part of global warming process


This week we witnessed the People’s Climate March in New York City.  Hundred’s of thousands Marched on 9/21/14.  The People’s Climate March could have larger ramifications then we thought.    Many groups  participated, including Patagonia, which  re-opened at 3PM,  after Marching.  This struck me as impressive., though it shouldn’t, their store depends on dedicated nature lover’s.     The  march was the coordinated effort of many groups worldwide.  “People”   resolved to participate and change our World. Now,  with the start of the UN’s assemblage , it would be “nice” if  this “political body” become the real politic and begin to address the World’s problems with real solutions.  After 50 years, it is time for this body or another, to stop debating and begin concentrating on resolving those issues that effect us Globally.


I recently read there were two types of polities in the World:

  • Expansionist Countries vs.
  • those Countries seeking to change the World through Education and people empowerment!


What do “We the People Want”? , when Politics effects us?  The People’s Climate March wants to reduce the Carbon footprint made by man and save man and resources from extinction.  But we can do more?  Follow my reasoning dear reader, as I propose to “kill two  birds with one stone”:  decrease our Carbon footprint, while we Stop Terrorism at the same time!



  • What do we want? A reduction of Carbon in the air! Less pollution, better quality of life, preserving our natural resources?  The list can be expanded…..
  • What supports the exponential rise of  Carbons? Fossil fuels
  • Who benefits from the production of fossil fuels? Many Arab Nations
  • What happens when the Arab Nation States become too wealthy? They decide to become geopolitical players.
  • What happens when those countries use their money? They impoverish their people and create Terrorists ,  Weapons of Mass Destruction and War.


To seek peace, prosperity and a long thriving Planet with it’s people, maybe it’s time to think about alternative fuels? We have approximately 7 Billion people whose lives depend upon us finding a better way to power our way to prosperity.   We have a voice, we have a choice, when Politics effects Us?

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