PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Voice of Joyce: PEOPLE POWER/ the Rise of the Middle Class

imagesDear followers:   This is the proposed text for my upcoming video.  I ask for your verbal support now! This will be the first of several videos . This question  has been bothering me for months, if I were to run for President of the United States, would you , my dear followers , support me? I will require assistance, a group of advisors, a team to broadcast our message and our concerns , to ” we the People ” nationally.

The country is awash in money but with the current status quo , it will never reach ” we the People”.  The latest budget , $1.1 Trillion, passed by Congress , represents a giant step backward in Financial Reform.  Imagine if a Derivative tax of 3% on every $100 in contracts traded had been passed?  (Note:  In my previous Blog dated February, 2014, Derivative trades were $360 Trillion, now they are  $700 Trillion.  There is too much risk and no accountability for these trades.   I propose a 3 cent tax on every $100.00 traded in Derivative “type” contracts.  3 CENTS!   Too Big To Fail Has just gotten bigger? )  With this minimal tax proposed,   the traders and bankers would have some “skin in the game”  and Country would have an additional $1.068 Trillion in revenue.   The traders would keep $1.068 Trillion.  We’d share equally.  A win win!

  •   Imposing sound fiscal policy is “better” then punitive action.  How can I persuade you, dear followers to insist on Fiscal Reform?
  • How can I persuade you to insist on re-instating the “can do” spirit of the America I grew up with?
  • If I fail to convince you that we have choices, our State of Inequality will persist and the already overburdened Middle Class will continue to slide into the lower classes:  preventing progress and wasting the lives of generations. If you are not happy with the present state of inequality and wish me to run for president please hit the like button and let’s develop a Political movement that represents “we the people”,  “for the people “: Politics effects US!  You  have my voice, I ask for your choice.
  • Dear followers: I believe we have a power vacuum. I look at the State of our Nation and see a status quo which cannot sustain itself.  As an American, I remember and support American initiative. I want to see an AMERICA that leads once again and has the courage to take risks and support our People. I want a resurrection of the Middle Class. If we never take the first steps forward we will never Resurrect the Middle Class. That’s why I’m declaring my intent to run for the Presidency of the United States.
  • If you support my candidacy, please press the like button on this Video and feel free to offer your comments. Wishing you all the best. Let’s soar with the Butterfly and have a Heart. We no longer have time to waste. Video and much more to follow in the coming weeks. God Bless you.

2 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Voice of Joyce: PEOPLE POWER/ the Rise of the Middle Class

  1. Joyce, We’re proud of you. You are following through on what you needed to do to get both local and national recognition. Keep fighting for American values.
    Fran & Chad

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