yammer-logo-ps3Reflections on a snow day, 1/27/15. As I read the papers yesterday, I was captivated by the story on Britain’s 30% Club, started by Helena Morrissey, an influential money manager. No way is she to be compared with Sheryl Sandberg or any other woman of influence in America,” who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk” . Helena Morrissey has actually successfully lobbied for Qualified women to serve on Britain’s  Corporate Boards. She is breaking Britain’s Glass Ceiling and we should all be thankful.

I was reminded that in 2002, I had attended the Kellogg School of Management ‘s  certificate program , for women , titled, The Women Director Development Program,  hoping to be placed on a Fortune 1000 Board.  Naively, I thought influential Women at the Kellogg School would help us and offer a referral system for placement on Corporate Boards. Upon reflection, 13 yrs later, no interviews and few responses were generated by my queries. Only, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY responded and advised that I had to own $4,000,000 in stock to be considered for acceptance to their Board.

At the Blogher 13 Conference, amongst 4-5000 talented women, who were leaning in, Sheryl Sandberg, admonished the group to lean in, more! Most of us were turned off and now I know why. Women already in Power, have leaned in for themselves, now it’s time to help the ” sister hood”. Advocate for other women and together we can break the glass ceiling that still exists .

When I was in a position to do so, I hired qualified executive women at Banker’s Trust. Now it’s time for for all women “role models”, those chosen as the most influential in our Nation,to  stop the lip service of support and  provide a place in Business or Government for qualified women to serve. If we’re good enough for non profit Boards , we’re good enough for Profitable Board positions , too! Many women are quite capable of assuming positions of Power. After 40 years , this is a reasonable  and just request.

This weekend, I am attending my first leadership Conference for Women of Reform Judaism. Women leaders from America’s Reform Judaism’s Sisterhoods are meeting to become better leaders, participating in Leadership programs with an emphasis on budgeting. conflict resolution and marketing to our youth via social media . The program is comprehensive, though there will be plenty of time to explore downtown Austin, Texas. All sisters welcome to join me and us in local BBQ and the awesome Music scene. Anyone arriving Thursday please contact me @ Yammer @ Joyce Silver

This is the year to consider more action, less talk. We know Politics effects us. Have a great day , dear readers. Looking forward to meeting my ” sisters” at the conference! All the best.images

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