PUBLIC ADVOCACY: BIBI & Israel’s concerns about IRAN 

JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm
JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm

What has changed?   It has been 2 yrs since I published my ” position paper” on Iran.

Exactly what was feared has occurred or might occur!
  • We worried that hard liners within the IRANIAN regime would be elected in 2015.  New elections have not taken place as of this date.
  • We worried if we didn’t stop the Iranian hard liners, they would destabilize the entire Middle East.  The Shiite axis of Power has in fact destabilized the Middle East without using their Uranium.
We are battling ISIS because Iran destroyed the balance of power in the Middle East. Iran joined with Malaki of Iraq and isolated and murdered the Sunni’s.   Both factions are dangerous to the civilized West.
  • There are few good players in the Middle East. Israel represents  the ” good guys. ”  Listening to Bibi speak to Congress should not be an option,  his speech is not “grandstanding” or politics as usual. .    As the PM  of the State of Israel, his speech represents his real concerns for his People.  I respect him for speaking out against terrorism and letting us know how the people of Israel view Iran.
  • Iranian ICBM’s are currently in Hezbollah’s possession.
Iran has in fact done what they said they would do 2 years ago. They didn’t wait for 2015 to occur, instead they destabilized the Middle East prior to electing a hard liner now.  They have broken their word.  What more can happen?
  • Perhaps, we are finally in a position to watch Iran implode.   They have wasted their water resources.  They have created an impoverished State, while the Military controls Iran with the Ayatollah. What could happen next?
  • Now is the time for the Middle East to condemn all Geo Political Players who promote Terrorism, whether extreme radicals of Sunni or Shiite origin.  We’re in the 21 st Century, barbarism has ruled our planet for too long.   For the sake of mankind, for the sake of humanity, we  must insist that the World condemn and ostracize those Countries who promote terrorism.  An offense against one of us, is an offense against all of us.   We  have real problems to solve, we have a planet to save for those who would work together in Peace.  As for the “malcontents”, get out of the way of decent people.  We no longer  wish to tolerate the distraction of War.
I have attached my Post dated 11/20/13 : Iran: Just the facts, based on sources…

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  1. Netanyahu is telling the lie about nuclear weapons in Iran since 1992. He said in 92 that Iran is 3-5 years away from having the bomb:

    2012 He made a big show in front of the UN that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, already knowing the Mossad reports that were saying that Iran is not even trying to build nuclear weapons:

    Also at home he is lying:

    Here a report on YNet (right wing Israeli news) about Nuclear Iran:

    US intelligence agencies see it the same way:

    Why do people want an escalation with Iran? Do they want get their hands bloody on more Iranian lives?

    Source is again YNet (right wing Israeli news):

    Iranians have nothing against the people of Israel or Jews at all. Please take a careful look at these posts:

    Anti jewish attitude is something what has always been strong in Europe or in Arab countries, but not in Iran.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I will look at your links. I am not a follower of YNet. My information is based on what has been occurring plus my references . I do believe many Israelis feel threatened by Iran. Since Iran has been arming Hezbollah and has 19,000 centrifuges. All this takes money away from Iran’s economy. Why? Why pursue a geo political strategy that funds terrorism when you can enable your people. I wish the people of Iran well and sincerely hope they want to live in Peace with the rest of our World. I am aware there is still a sizable population of Jewish people in Iran. Nothing would be better then peaceful corxistence

      All the best

      1. Hello Joyce,
        thank you for your friendly answer. I hope you had time to read some of the links. I wanted to prove that Netanyahu is really not the person everyone has to trust, after all a lot of commentators think he wants to present himself as Israels savior, even though he knows about the real extent of the nuclear threat from Iran, which is close to not existent (according to the mossad and us intelligence services).
        I can understand that Israelis and Jews, because of their sad past and what they have suffered, are over sensitive but if that ends up in Paranoia it is also dangerous.
        I am like most Iranians against this regime, so I am not the one who you should ask why.
        I do not like Hezbollah, but I can tell you that most countries, including Israel, fund/support let’s at least say suspicious groups.
        They just call them rebels, activist or freedom fighters. Examples are brutal guerillas and dictatorships in Latin America and middle east that were supported by the US, and the rebels and Sunni radical jihadists in Libya and Syria.
        The international sanctions are killing innocent Iranians everyday (For regular Iranians it is impossible to buy lifesaving medicine against cancer for example). Because of the bank sanctions Iran cannot import medicine.

        Here some links collected in 100wordz, they point to the original articles in The Guardian (British newspaper)
        Now, that is what I call terrorism, the sanctions have already killed thousands of Iranian civilians (no one from the regime).
        If you think this is only collateral damage and not intended:

        A comment about the 19000 centrifuges. This number sounds much but is nothing. Belgium a country with a fraction of Iran’s size and population has much more and more efficient centrifuges. Centrifuges are needed to run nuclear energy reactors. Iran is an industrial country , with increasing needs for energy. Even the US agreed on this when they provided Iran with the first test reactor in the 70s. Iran needs energy to improve its economy and
        destroying the centrifuges and plants would mean spending millions of dollars to reverse investments of more than 100 billion dollars (equivalent to several trillion dollars for the US if you think how much bigger the US economy is).
        No country in the world would do this, just because some ones “carrot and stick” policy or how Israel prefers it only stick policy.
        BTW Iran tried foreign enrichment, even if that means dependence, big sums of money in EURODIF:
        without seeing a single gram of enriched uranium.
        I am all for peaceful coexistence, and even for friendship, but I feel threatened by the news of a possible Israeli attack on Iran in international news every several months.
        People of Iran have suffered over Saddam’s attack on Iran, with more than 500k killed Iranians, and now they are dying because of sanctions that rightwingers in Israel and the US want to uphold at any prize. Well there is no prize to pay for them.
        Iran has not attacked other countries for hundreds of years, so why would Iran attack a nuclear armed Israel?
        Because Iran’s leaders are crazy or not rational? Well, I doubt that, and so does Benny Gantz:
        And Iranian politicians are definitely not crazy:
        Iranian politicians are definitely no fools:

        Peace for everyone (including Iran, Israel and the US)
        Best regards,

      2. I am acknowledging your comments and will write a proper response within a few days.

        Who are you Socialinform? Is there a bio? A fact sheet I may check? Thank you. As stated. I will respond as best I can to your comments .

      3. Hi : in the spirit of openness please see my latest post on Israel and Iran. These are my thoughts after reading the facts. Let me know your thoughts after reading and if I am able to answer your questions I will
        All the best. Joyce

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my Post. I write about issues that concern us and intend to make people think about our World. Whether we are interested or not in Politics. It effects “we the people”. We all have choices to shape our own destiny.

      Please continue reading and commenting and join me on our journey, as Citizens involved in our destiny. All the best Joyce

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