JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm
JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm

I read Bibi Netanyahu,  the Prime Minister of Israel,  should offer a counter plan for negotiating with Iran. Since I’m not privy to the negotiations, I can only state some known facts about Iran and their military aspirations and my personal concerns!

9 nuclear power plants have been built in Iran.  How many produce energy and at what cost, I have no idea.  15 more plants are proposed to go online  in the next 15 years scattered around  The Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.  Many of the existing plants are built on seismic fault lines. Some of Iran’s neighbors fear nuclear fall out in the event of an earthquake.  Iran’s nuclear energy program was started in the 1970’s.  It is said , the cost was $100 Billion.  Did  9 plants cost in excess of $10 Billion each?  How many of these plants produce clean nuclear energy today?    Why has it taken 40 yrs to produce so little clean energy?
While looking through the IAEA reports I was unable to determine the following:
1. Have all nuclear power plants been identified?
2. Have inspections been occurring on a regular basis?
3. Has uranium enrichment continued during negotiations?
4. How much uranium has been enriched and to what level?
5. Is there a proposal to remove enriched uranium?  To what site?
6. Why haven’t alternative energy solutions been proposed and implemented?
7. What are the Geo political consequences of a “nuclear weaponized ” Iran?  For the record, I will state,  another member into the Nuclear Club is not in the best interests of our Planet. Iran,  as an armed Aggressor,  is not acceptable.
I find it difficult to separate Iran’s nuclear plans from their geo political position as a player in destabilizing the Middle East.  It is known that Iran supplies Hezbollah and HAMAS with ICBM’s. Iran and their proxies threaten the annihilation of the State of Israel .  Yet they tell their people, the Iranian people, that they fear Israeli Bombing of their nuclear facilities.  A  little disingenuous?
Iranians believe Israel is out to Bomb them. They don’t hear the real story. For Iranians to hear the real story, they would have to be told that Iran funds terror groups who  murder Israelis and JEWS .  The Iranian people may not realize that their country is an “evil player” on the Geo Political stage?  That can be rectified,  if Iran truly wants to ” reform”.
If I were BiBi,  I’d want to know the extent of Iran’s peaceful nuclear aspirations and the reason they won’t switch to 4 th generation Clean Nuclear Energy.  The Chinese have proven thorium a safe alternative to the use of Uranium and Plutonium in Nuclear Power Plants.    Thorium , also degrades over decades and leaves less problems of waste disposal.  We may find,  after an assessment of Iran’s energy requirements they have mismanaged their energy program.  They may require international aid and advice in establishing better, cheaper and cleaner forms of alternative energy?  Fuel cells, wind and solar power are also alternatives!
So I d ask Iran for the following  concessions before releasing funds  with the understanding that trust and cooperation occur over time.  What have we achieved to date?  What are our goals?
  • We want a lessening of terrorist activity in the region.  Iran supports both Hamas and Hezollah.  Is Iran willing to talk disarmament !  We’re taking about stopping the Caliphate mentality in the Middle East!
  • Will Iran meet with all relevant parties in the Middle East to develop a strategy of mutual cooperation and coexistence?
  • Is Iran ready to stop the hate dialog?   Stop calling for the annihilation of Israel and targeting Jews for murder through their proxies.
  • Is Iran willing to to cooperate with the World and remove their enriched Uranium to a place of neutrality?  Let’s clarify, the World does not object to Clean energy.  The World objects to enriched uranium that can be weaponized.

I believe Iran should address Israel’s concerns and alleviate the fears of ordinary citizens in the US and Sunni Arab States.  What is Iran willing to give up for a lifting of Sanctions?  Money can always flow to Iran in phases..  No pun intended, but I do not believe Iran has the right to “call the shots”.

We have choices when Politics effects us!  Have a great day!  From my vantage point, when the Jersey skyline disappears, that’s scary!

2 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY:  If I were BIBI ?

  1. Hi Joyce, you had asked me to read your post and comment:

    All your questions regarding Iran’s nuclear program are answered in detail in the IAEA documents, and yes there are regular inspections otherwise the IAEA could not write such detailed reports.
    To understand the IAEA documents fully you need to get familiar with how nuclear energy is created and how much much more is needed to create nuclear weapons.
    There is not a single evidence that there is a nuclear weapon program.

    If you remember the same was the case with Iraq, the Iraquis insisted that they have no WMD program, the IAEA and the UN experts said that they have no signs of a WMD/Atomic bomb program but of course they cannot exclude that such a thing might exist somewhere.
    Usually in the justice system you are innocent until you are proven guilty, but this was not the case if the prosecutor is the US and the suspect a middle eastern country with lots of oil, with threat potential for Israel.

    Question 6 is interesting: Iran has not the technology for efficient alternative energy plants, and guess what, Iran has asked for it but the negotiation partners are not willing to share it, because it is their high tech.
    Same thing with other technologies even the Chinese or the Russians would not give their latest tech. It is their intellectual property and they are in reality not too keen to come to a compromise, because Iran needs to make bad economic deals with them as long as Iran is under sanctions and cannot trade with the west.
    Even if the Chinese provide Iran with a Thorium reactor, Iran would need to import it, correct?
    Iran likes to be self sufficient on important things like energy, so that Iran cannot be blackmailed. (Like Russia does it with gas for Europe)
    Iran tried foreign enrichment, even if that meant dependence, big sums of money were invested in EURODIF:
    without seeing a single gram of enriched Uranium.

    BTW we Iranians do not think that Israel will attack Iran because we are told this, or because of the Iranian media, it is written every year in all the media around the world.
    Every year we read the speculations of an Israeli attack on Iran in US (CNN, …) and British news (BBC, …)

    Iran also does not want to annihilate Israel. What you are refering is a statement by a former and very unpopular president.
    Former president Ahmadinejad said:
    “The Israeli >>>>Regime<<<< should vanish from the page of time the same way the Sovjet union did"
    Now we know that the Sovjet union was not annihilated, the Russians were not killed, the regime only changed (unfortunately not too much for the better if you see current Russia)
    So he explicitly said Regime. It is not about the people of Israel, or the Jews, it is about the Regime. The guy only wanted regime change, like US and Israel want for Iran.
    I do not know why western media needs to repeat and repeat this wrong translation again and again. Some times BBC, CNN, … have corrected the translation but then they fall back to the wrong translation again. I think the word REGIME and the reference to the Sovjet Union should be clear enough, and as I said he is not anymore in power and was and is unpopular.

    Iran has its own Jewish population, and they are a respected minority:
    Why should Iran then want to annihilate all Jews in Israel. That just does not make sense.

    So back to this former president:
    If you remind only in Tehran, in 2009 2 Million people went to the streets against Ahmadinejad.
    Later an overwhemling majorioty elected the reformers around Rohani, some people in Iran are now trying to sue Ahmadinejad.

    please take a close look to the graphic here:
    no deal is worse for the west and israel (no control at all, Iran can ditch the NPT at all and use its full power to go nuclear, if Iran would want that), and for the Iranian public (the only ones in Iran who are suffering):

    Joyce I think you are a good person, and as I said because of the history I can understand any Jew that is always concerned, but now this paranoia is poisoning the lives of the innocent Iranian public who has never done any harm to any Jew, but has to fight with unavailability of medicine, that was imported prior to the sanctions and now cannot.
    BTW Iranians will not standup against the regime, because of hurting sanctions.
    They are too busy having 3 jobs to support their family because of the sanctions.

    Even if US and Israeli politicians would like to see it this way:

    The sanctions are really killing people and they are encouraged by the likes of Netanyahu. For the people that do not get medicine because of the sanctions and die this is Terror!

    You are only consuming news that only enforces your fears about an unknown country (Iran), whose people you have never met. Also the news you get enforces your fears, and hence persists in your mind given your background.
    I know Iran and I read all the western and Israeli press and even your blog, I know Muslims, Christians and Jews. I can assure you, that you are only getting one side of the picture, and this automatically leads to misjudgement.

    I have already said everything I had to say, I just wanted to let you know that you have not to fear anything.
    Iran does not want to bomb Israel, it would be crazy to do that to a nuclear armed state. And again why should Iran do this? The Iranian military has not attacked any other country since 300 years, and Iran has horrible memories from the 80s when Iraq (under Saddam Hussein) attacked Iran and used Chemical Weapons.
    As I said the Iranian leaders are rational people they would not do something that irrational:
    Even Israeli General Benny Gantz sees it like this:

    This is the military comparison between Iran and Israel. Iran is much weaker.

    Last thing please do not confuse Caliphate stuff with Iran. IS(IS) are Sunni extremists, like the Taliban and Al Qaida. For us they appear as violent, crazy, fanatic and fascist as for you. It hurts to be identified with those fascists that behead people of other confessions.

    I wish you all the best (Writing you this post took a long time for me, I wish you really read the links. I will not write anymore because I have said everything, and I have to work hard from tomorrow).

    1. Thanks so much for your response I will look at your links.I know you have taken a great deal of time to write your response. Like you I want to understand and provide accurate information. I’m glad I provided at lesst one good idea: alternative energy.

      I do look forward to hearing from you again. All the best. ” good people can always work together. Thanks again Joyce

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