PUBLIC ADVOCACY: NYUEF ( Entrepreneur’s Festival)

Last weekend I attended a forum for Entrepreneurs  at the  NYU Stern School of Business . The Keynote speaker was Jonathan Wolfson, the CEO of Solarzyme, Inc.  His company has been working on algae based energy and bio fuels for 13 yrs.  As part of his strategy, he’s changed his product line to meet the needs of his investors and customers.   Though his first love is alternative clean energy, he has not been licensed in America to produce this product.  Flexibility,  spanning 13 years , has been  the “key” to his success!  The “pay off”,   Goldman Sachs became his investment partner!

Next year he will be opening a Plant in Brazil.  When I asked, ” why not here”, he stated, he could not qualify for American  grants  or funding for his products.   Brazil’s sugar beet farms, will provide the environment he needs for manufacturing his product.  More importantly, Brazil has provided the funding for this “up scale” venture.

  •    To help Entrepreneurs understand how to do business here and abroad, I’ve enclosed the 2014 Guide  to Understanding the Regulations for  Medium & Small Businesses;   applicable to 123 Countries.
  • I am so sorry that America is not receptive to new business and encourages talent to look beyond America for  work. I fail to understand, why we allow American know how and R&D to go elsewhere, when we need manufacturing and new product development here!  We can afford to take the risk and get a return on our investment for successes?  It’s a thought that should be considered when moving forward.  Stop talking about no one willing or capable of working.  Start providing an environment that encourages the “can do Spirit” once again on American soil.

DB14-Full-Report   A “TOME”  300+ pages  Let me know if it is helpful to the Start Up Community!

Many Thanks to my guide throughout the day: Evan Kesner, Luke Williams, the Executive Director at the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurs & Innovation and  Carl@, books read with feeling and available on Apple and Kindle products.  Great ideas, using new technology.

Good luck to all young people starting  new businesses.  Did I mention, 1500 “young” people attended this conference.    If any one reading this Post can provide assistance, whether it’s expertise or money, I’m happy to provide a forum linking entrepreneurs to investors.   As my Community grows, let’s help each other move forward.

I’d like to use my site to connect my readers with opportunities and advice.   Social Media can be  interactive by linking  good people with good ideas !   Please contact me , if there is a

me @ 1:29  11/30/14
me @ 1:29 11/30/14

service you can provide to the Community.  I will publish any and all useful information.

All the best. Joyce

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  1. Joyce, Please forward this to your two NY Senators, and ask them to look into this matter, and to Get back to you. Fondly Chad D.

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