From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14
From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

Have you read the news today?  While we concern ourselves with worries about Iran’s Nuclear capacity , the World belongs to Isis.  Israel is afraid to leave the Jordan Valley in fear of ISIS filling a Political vacuum.  15 recruits for ISIS have already been detained  in Israel and those are the identifiable folks.  Young kids everywhere are enticed by this “romanticized cult of death”, only they don’t see it as a brutal alternative to their already desperate or bored lives.  Young unformed minds are attracted to new ideas , especially if they are presented as a way forward for oppressed people.  Who doesn’t want to help the oppressed?  The only problem, these young kids are fleeing to Syria and Iraq to become slaves of the ISIS regime.  A well organized military unit that believes in rewarding their followers in the here and now with good pay, slave girls and whatever technology is desired.  This is a shrewd, organized, brutal regime, sweeping up whole territories in the Middle East.  They are unstoppable because, as they consume territory, they confiscate oil wells, antiquities, and what ever other loot they can confiscate and sell their ill gotten gains to Syria and Iraq.

With the support of some Middle Eastern Nations, it’s never been confirmed that Saudi Arabla  or other Sunni States are involved, ISIS flourishes with outside funding passing through Syria, Iraq and Turkey.   It has just been revealed that Syria’s Assad is funding ISIS as it pretends they are an enemy of the State?  See the Financial Times article attached, detailing the recent transactions uncovered by EU Sanctions.

  • I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:

Financial Times,
New EU Syria sanctions reveal regime collusion with Isis

Sam Jones, Defence and Security Editor

Clandestine relationship sustains the jihadis with significant income

Read the full article at:

The next article,  by Howard J. Shatz , appeared as an opinion piece in “the New York Daily News” , Sept. 8th 2014.  Mr. Shatz is a Sr. Economist at the non-profit Rand Corporation.  His article, How ISIS funds it’s reign of Terror” appears in it’s entirety.

The next attached article, read on Al Jazeera, details the efforts of a home grown Assyrian  Christian militia in Iraq, intending to reclaim their homeland. They raised the money for their Army through crowdfunding and telethons.  Evidently, People with a vested interest in this region are becoming involved.  The article is dated 2/26/15.

Based on this information, Iran may want to rethink their alliance with Syria.  Assad is playing a win win game while Iran and Hezbollah may turn out to be “cat’s Paws”, pawns in Assad’s ruthless quest for continued power.

This Post is dedicated to my friend Eunice, who insisted, that Iran was less  of a concern at this moment,

to many,  then ISIS?

You dear reader be the judge.  Certainly I will continue to write on all topics that interest US.  Politics does effect US, but we have choices.

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