PUBLIC ADVOVACY: ” Merchants of Doubt” ; Conning “We the People” 

Me/from my home this afternoon
Me/from my home this afternoon

First it was cigarettes, then it was fossil fuels and now it’s going to be the Banking industry whitewashing the facts to protect themselves from Regulatory change.  We are dealing with slick con men, donning a look of compassion, while they conceal their true selves behind their

Mask.  The mask has been bought and paid for as they use life coaches and psychologists to frame their message.
I’m afraid and angry at the same time.  We are dealing with industries and industrialists who cooperate with each other to cast doubt on the truth.
According to ” The Merchants of Doubt” , it was known in the 50’s that cigarettes caused heart disease, were addictive and caused lung cancer but the Cigarette lobby persuaded the Public that the science didn’t reflect the truth.  They cast enough doubt on the consequences of cigarette smoking to delay their repeal for 50 yrs.
In 1988′ NASA and NOAA and other esteemed scientific groups sounded the Climate Change alarm.  Climate Change was also well documented and believed by a former climate denier, Bob Inglis of South Carolina.  He  repeatedly stated that organizations like the Cato Institute and other Lobbying groups, hire ” consultants” to cast doubt on Climate Change so those promoting fossil fuels can continue unabated to prosper.  It’s all about the money. It’s always about the money.  Not in the People!s pocket, oh no, this money stays with the large corporations like Exxon Mobil, BP and others.  The sole purpose of creating doubt, is to prevent people from becoming skeptical.  If you believe only your group, or the messages from your group, it assures that the use of coal, oil and shale remains dominant.    The American People have been conned.  As noted by The Guardian, the “Merchants of Doubt” raises questions and 2 climate deniers are trying to “Silence” it’s continued distribution.  We have a voice and we have a choice, when Politics effects US.  Be skeptical!  Debate is democratic!  To  paraphrase Woodrow Wilson, ” a sure way to destroy Democracy, is to repress it”.
“We the People”,  will continue to be conned, if we watch silently as the Banking Industry takes up the next challenge, using psychology, mindfulness and lobbyists to cast doubt on the finding that Banking Greed caused the Financial Collapse of 2008.  They are now creating the spin to cast the blame on the government’s policy of home ownership. The concept of home ownership was perverted by creating an entire industry to benefit from building and selling homes.  In fact, only 5% of the Mortgages sold were fraudulent,  the CDO’s  (Collateralized Debt Obligations),  brought down the Global Economy.   If  ” The Merchants of Doubt” are successful, once again,  the Banker’s will keep their toys and their sandbox and ” we the people” will be poorer.   Like lemmings we will once again buy stocks and create the next ” biggest bubble”?
Wake up people, our tribal impulses are being used against us to benefit the rich and powerful.  If you hate big government, those who want to deceive you, know that and will spin any story you’ll accept.  They have no shame.  Playing to win is ruthless but they will take no prisoners.  It’s their money and your life.  Choose if you can.  Be skeptical.  Dare to think and disagree.  You have everything to lose if you fall prey to the next Biggest Con.  The Banks will win and it will take 40 yrs to dig US out of the financial hole we’ve created.  No good news to report.

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