The Voice of Joyce: Step up for Israel/Share video of Israelis stepping up for Nepal

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As I go through my e-mails, I thought I’d share good deeds, interesting events and other positives occurring here and in the Global Community.  By lending a helping hand to someone, we participate in healing and hope.  Let’s all be mindful “to pay it forward” and help where and when we can.   Peace of mind is worth pursuing as a very human trait.

Be well and have a great day.  More to follow.
WATCH: Israel Steps Up For Nepal
When the devastating earthquake hit Nepal, Israel was one of the first countries to respond, and deployed more people than any other nation.

Israel steps Up to save lives in Nepal
In the wake of Nepal’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake, Israelis are demonstrating their deep commitment to Tikkun Olam (world repair). Israeli organizations and volunteers are flying to Nepal to offer their expertise in trauma and quick emergency response.

Watch Israelis stepping up to save lives in Nepal.

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