The Voice of Joyce: Next Posts

Photo on 3-4-15 at 2.38 PMDuring the month of June, I am attending several conferences and dinners on the State of Israel. Certainly, I will  continue to comment on the events and topics discussed.

Simultaneously, I’m  reading Thomas Piketty’s book,  “Capital in the 21st Century” and understanding where he differs from existing solutions. I will be using Periscope to discuss topics relevant to our Democracy.   I hope , you dear followers will join me, as “We the People”  speak about, Politics, our economy and the path to solutions when 1-1.5% growth is the Norm for most of us, while the “top” earners receive greater then 50% of  all the revenue. We will concentrate on the US because our level of inequality is greater then most Western Countries.

However, we should be mindful, that inequality of education, income and  social mobility is a Global phenomena and will necessitate Global Solutions in the Long Term. First, I propose that  we fix our own House!

Thanks for  reading. Wishing everyone a good day. Joyce

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