The Voice of Joyce: Using Twitter’s Periscope to change our World 

Photo on 6-9-15 at 2.15 PMOk World, I’m going to start a Revolution of thought. We are going to challenge the existing style of Democracy through social media. How? On June 11 th, 2015 at NOON,  I’d like everyone interested in our Democracy and income equality to dial into Twitter’s Periscope, using either your Twitter “handle” or telephone # and view me live broadcasting from @grandmajsilver!   Let’s begin our conversation, as “we the people speak”, about income inequality in America and derive solutions and a strategy to attain equality in America on all levels.   Additionally, I’d like to discuss the need for a 2 Party system that no longer represents us. I have a vision for America and our World but I need everyone to believe in my vision and help me change our World to a more thoughtful society, one that cares about people and provides for their well being. We will discuss short range , medium range  and long term plans. I know my goal, that’s where “you the people speak”  and help me help you.
Are we forming a new political party?

If so, what do we call ourselves? I like Lions as a mascot. (Someone left this “Lion” FullSizeRender(1)at the entrance to Stephan Wise Free Synagogue last night.  What do you think?  Soft and cuddly or ferocious?) Some have said  , call the New Party, “we the people or the people speak”? We need something short and catchy, that can become an acronym.
Our agenda: we want monetary reform and corporate and capital taxation to reverse the exponential increase in wealth at the top.
Please note, I repeat:   To log onto Periscope , it’s a free App, use a phone # if you don’t have a Twitter Account.  The first 5 participants in the tri state area  will be offered a prize; dinner with me on the upper west side of Manhattan.  Have a great day!

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