The Voice of Joyce: Name our third Party

Dear followers:
Photo on 6-13-15 at 11.45 AMMy first broadcasts were a personal test. Being on Periscope was a first for me  as I learn with you, how to use all forms of social  media. Acknowledging my Macro Views,  I’d like to engage you in  an additional task, ” the naming of our new Political Party!”
So many folks around the country have said they feel left out of government and believes neither Political Party offers them a way out of poverty or a way to a better way of life.    Now is the time to let our voices be heard. Let’s have a contest to name our Party? I’ve got some great Champagne, craft alabaster carvings  and dinner with  whoever creates the winning name for our Political Party.   We’ll vote on the best sounding name presented to the viewers on Periscope.    A name that represents our desire for a Party” by the people, for the people”!
The following names have been proposed, I challenge everyone to consider their own  name for our new party, representative of the wishes of the People.
It’s been proposed:

  •          The People Speak
  •          We the People
  •          Independents for Compassionate Government
  •          The People’s Party
  •          The voice of the People

What do you think?  Add your choice to the list, when we speak together on Periscope at 11AM, Monday.  Wishing everyone a good evening.  Thanks for your continued support. Joyce

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