The voice of Joyce: Periscope and a ” new Party”, ” the People Speak” 

images-5Why am I on Periscope asking questions about our Society, our elections? I’m disturbed that we hear rhetoric while no one in power with the ability to change the system does so. Are any of you disenfranchised? You must be ?   Who is putting our people back to work?

So much can be done to help the middle class but no one is doing it. That’s why I am convinced Social Media can and will allow ” we the people” the opportunity to connect with each other in a dynamic way across the country and build teams of partners in change. A new political party is the solution to our inequality.

I believe social media can be the glue of the new activist. We can form together, create teams , select candidates at every level of government by using social media. Then when you’ve organized groups to represent you at council , in congress , you can be right there monitoring the people voting and assuring an orderly turnout. Like  other countries we can start a movement to undermine big money in politics. That’s why we need a third party . Under the radar. Creating a system that supplants the existing hierarchical structure. We create change from the bottom up.
It has worked in Turkey, Greece,  other states why not here.

I’m tired of hearing that lobbyists make $1 million to start fresh out of government jobs?  Or bankers are now Billionaires. While bank deposits which earn little now will be marginally taxed. The middle class is pushed into non existence. The employment numbers reflect young kids entering the labor market below the age of 25. What are the rest of the folks doing?  That’s why I’ve started ” a debate with you, my followers”  on Periscope.  Times to be posted on Twitter Facebook and Linkedin.  Join in the conversation and spread our words.  That’s the start of reclaiming our Democracy: “When the People Speak”.

Have a great day and thanks for reading and sharing and commenting, dear followers!

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