The Voice of Joyce: #livescount

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 7-6-15 at 3.51 PMHave you read the papers or listened to the news lately?  The numbers don’t reflect reality. The job market continues weak. We have not boosted production or created new jobs at good salaries.
It’s absurd,  the Department of Defense wants a  $70 Billion Bomber  (F-35)  to be awarded to “one corporation” .  Winner takes all!  The remaining Corporations, 3 others, may have to declare bankruptcy?  Instead,  they should all share in the wealth. When I was bidding City Contracts for Flooring, I protested winner take all contracts. With so many out of work, and only 3 bidders, I asked if we could share  rotating contracts?   The City sets the price and we do the work. Then you create many jobs instead of encouraging proprietary businesses and crony capitalism.  This makes sense to me, what do you think, dear followers?

  • Why not think, “biggest bang” for the buck and employ more people?   Stop the crony capitalism. ” We can’t afford it.
  • Corporations can’t afford short term thinking either.  It took an MIT scientist, to shine the light on employee welfare.  Professor Ton,  cited 2 examples, @ the Aspen Ideas Conference,  of Modern Corporations, where profits grew and employee morale and pay improved.  Common Sense.  Valued employees like working, are productive and communicate Corporate strategies better when they are well paid.  That’s one reality, it’s been overlooked,  as Corporations fail to realize, their workers carry out their plan.

I was also outraged when I saw the “new” TV ads for BUSINESS NY bragging,  ” Corporations that come here to do business , pay no taxes for 10 years”  .  Encouraging this practice, decreased the profitability of  the  Empire State Index ?  Why have we have created a system where only the Middle Class pays and everyone else is tax exempt?

Short sighted thinking by the States has created a “three Card Monte” game as States vie for business based on low taxation.  Why didn’t the Governors realize, if the State takes in less revenue, while the middle class is decimated, they will have a deficit?  They will be unable to pay the State’s bills.  Common sense!

  •   Time to change the rules of the game as too many qualified individuals in their 40’s and 50’s remain unemployable.  We don’t have a lack of skill sets, we don’t have jobs near people with skills.  Worse, algorithms , which destroyed transparency and investing,  are now being used to hire personnel.  What happened to human to human interaction?
  • In IT , experienced techies in their 40 & 50’s , the people who really know the business, are no longer employed? Why?
  • Young kids can’t get summer jobs unless they know someone, otherwise the jobs go to people much older and in ” greater” need of income or those with “connections”.
  • My grandson is joining the Army, like so many young people. He wants to be able to contribute to his family , if necessary .  I admire his spirit and desire to give back. Too bad, there isn’t universal service in our Country, a way to increase diversity and a chance for upward mobility.  It’s a thought!  It might create acceptability and inclusion within a Society that has  been divided by Class .

Thanks for reading, dear followers.  What are your suggestions for a more equal and inclusive Society?

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