#The Voice of Joyce: #Save the Economy on Periscope 2:15-3:30 pm 7/19/15

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Dear Followers:

  • Please check out the 4 videos selected for discussion today!  and if you like what’s being said, use the HashTag #SavetheEconomy to show you agree with these issues!  Like my Social Media Sites, please.
  •   #Save the Economy   CLICK ON THE VIDEOS BY ROBERT REICH below:  The Voice of Joyce has mentioned these issues in many Blog Posts, Check my archives for reference:  Click on the URL for Videos :
  • http://s3.moveon.org/video/moveon_reichhighlights_v1.mov?id=124864-17687319-ZPyNopx&t=4
  • Preview the videos: Then Check out the proposed Questions for your discussion and participation.
  • When seeing the videos, what interested you the most?
  • Could you see yourself taking action on any of these topics?  Local,  State Level, Federal Level?
  • What are your other questions on these topics?
  • Would you share these videos with your friends? Share these ideas?  Link our voices?
  • Thank you dear followers for viewing, listening, and sharing with your friends.  #SavetheEconomy!

Participate in our Q & A at 2:15 -3:30 PM today ,  broadcasting live on Periscope .

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