The Voice of Joyce: ” We ” are the Revolution

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 7-26-15 at 11.43 AM #2Guns have become the easy outlet of rage for those already unstable. The same holds true for tensions among the races. It’s the Economy, stupid! It’s making people testy and stressed out. It’s here, it’s everywhere.
It’s a damn shame, we , the AMERICAN Citizen, watches a Political circus unfolding before us, fraught with the illegal use of ” big money”, marginalized, except if you reside in a “swing” state, while so many of our neighbors starve. In the New York Times, 7/25/15, Benyamin Applebaum reports on the leak by junior staffers at the Fed. Contrary to Public pronouncements, the staffers leaked a report stating that the economy would continue weak through 2015. While inflation would remain lower than 2% through 2018. Sobering thoughts. What are we doing as a people? Why have we lost our voice, our dreams?

In Egypt, the people are using Facebook to shame public officials, some of whom have never stepped into a public healthcare facility. We are so busy spending money on War, we have forgotten that ordinary people are facing catastrophic losses of their Liberty and their livelihood. When do we rise up with one  “global” voice and demand change?
I’ve cajoled and persuaded everyone I’ve met to listen to the sad tale of The American People as we have been led away from Democracy and back to enslavement and worse , murder for some. Why? Because of the Greed of the few who rule the many? Faulkner said it best, to paraphrase , ” it’s a good thing man has a short memory . otherwise , he would be compelled to act to correct the grievous injustice he sees!”
If there is a way to rise up short of Rebellion, let me know. Last year I thought everyone should take a vacation in November, maybe the time to strike, to stop paying your bills, your credit cards, your student loans is now? I know of no other way to shine the light on our plight. No one running for office today, can change our Political System , our institutions , or our ” human condition”. Only “we the people ” can demand change!

It’s comforting for me to know that through your active support,  ” we”, dear followers are changing the conversation of our Nation!   Together, there is an acknowledgement of our National condition, on the Political and human Justice level. I’ve received 2,000 encouraging comments on my Blog site and our Community has grown to 208,000+. Together, “We ” are changing the National dialog.
Will you join me and meet up with me in person on Monday, at Cup of Joe @ 2PM ! The coffee shop is located on Columbus Ave and 69 th Street. Looking forward to meeting some of the People following me. The Revolution continues as we discuss solutions to our American condition.

  • Also, Tune in to Periscope @ 11AM for our continuing conversation . Thank you for your  support. See you Monday.

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