The Voice of Joyce: Bad Judgement Rewarded

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1arpyBLp_700bOver the top behavior is never appropriate, so , it’s with some chagrin that I read that Phil Graham is to testify before the Banking Commission on his Regulatory expertise! LOL. He was one of the architects of Graham Leach Bailey, the Bill that destroyed Glass Steagall and gave Derivatives a place to grow and expand which led to the money instrument of choice when our Economy crashed in 2008. Lest we forget, “Derivatives ” brought down our Economy and the Global Economy in 2008.

  • Worse, more ” bad” economic decisions to impacting our Society.
  • Sad to watch as we lionize Politicians that act on their own behalf, rather then using good judgement to fund programs that work for Americans.

One such program, the SBA ( small business association) has been shut down for exceeding it’s $18.75 Billion Budget? 900 applicants still await approval. However, when we close off employee involvement in our economy, when we wish to encourage entrepreneurs,how is it possible to provide so little for so many? Where is our ladder out of poverty? (Please note: There was a correction from Million to Billions.  Sorry for the confusion)

  • When does this absurdity stop? Tune in to Periscope at 11 am. See you later!

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