The Voice of Joyce: Periscope 11 Am  THE GRASS ROOTS PAC! Just Thinking..

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 7-6-15 at 3.51 PMWhat concerns me?

Today I received another plea/petition to end Citizens United . I believe in that, so I signed. Then I received a donate slip, $5.00,  I could  afford the amount, so I donated, weighing whether this was a legitimate site. No matter, I could afford to lose the $5.00. At the very end of the donation, an ad popped up stating that I had contributed to THE BLUE PAC? I had no idea what that was. I thought I was contributing to a grass roots movement.
My question, is everything done through a SuperPac nowadays?

If so, where is a red or purple PAC to end Citizens United? Is it necessary?

If this is a PAC, is the money going to a Party or can we assume the money really is going to ” Lobby” Congress on behalf of all Americans; Blue, Red, Purple?

When do we see action to determine that our contribution , no matter how big or small,  is accomplished?

Do we know if anyone is on paid salary?
So many questions, anyone have the Answers?

  • Thanks for listening and looking forward to your comments .
  • If this  petition/PAC is authentically well meaning, perhaps we should consider a PAC for #TaxRisk/StopInequality and another PAC #BlackLivesMatter…….?
  • Perhaps we should save our money and contribute to our causes first ?
  • Give money to candidates , if they support our causes and pledge their money to support causes on behalf of the People? We want to reward candidates who will further our Agenda and pledge a timetable for action, preferably before the election?
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