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The Iranian Agreement has been read by many of us, I’ve read it twice.  I will , at a later date list the salient points for your quick review.  However, after much discussion about this agreement, I’ve encountered two “schools” of thought: Those who are against signing this agreement, or those who state , “the agreement is a “bad” deal”, but since they lack  power, they will vote for the deal in any case.    At an informal polling of our Israel Committee members, we were 80% against this deal.

My thoughts, are a 3rd option,  AMEND The DEAL!!  I agree, a treaty with Iran is too important to vote Yes or No, without offering an alternative agreement.   Based on Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew’s direction, an amendment to the deal will be taken seriously and considered. Therefore, I offer my concept of a deal with Iran:

  1. On Iran’s wish list is Humanitarian and medical aid, in the form of Nuclear isotopes for oncology.  I would release sanction funds to provide that aid and for helping the Iranian people build the “Cancer Centers” they require.
  2. Helping the Iranian people is not helping the Military and is not supporting a group of individuals who may or may not use Sanction released Money for their own benefit and support further clandestine operations or worse, more Terrorism.
  3. Since it is our stated goal to prevent Iran from becoming a “Nuclear” state.  We want to confirm that they do not have a Bomb or the fissionable material or equipment used to create a Bomb.  Further, we don’t want them to have ICBM’s or other sophisticated delivery systems or Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  4. I propose, once the Iranians accept the release of funds for Humanitarian  aid and Medical Assistance, they agree to the inventory, monitoring and stockpiling of all fissionable material above the 3.67% enrichment level agreed upon.  Realizing that only 300 kg is to remain of the UF6 stockpile, continue dismantling their enrichment process while ” moth balling” the Fodrow and Arak sites.
  5. After reading the “Agreement”, it appears that distrust and verify lite, were troublesome clauses:  Leading to much dissension, since no Military option was included , if the Iranians were found cheating.  If we close down these plants, after inventorying their contents and dismantle the equipment, leaving on site and remote monitoring in place, Iran should be in a position to have the Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program they and the World desires.  A Military option by Us and Israel is not off the table,  if grievous violations of the intent of this program is discovered.
  6. I am making an assumption at this point, that the inventorying, monitoring and dismantling process will take us past the February elections.  At that point we will know which factions continue to control the “hearts and minds” of the Iranian people.
  7. Does it matter?  For the peace of mind of our selves and our allies I would not consider the release of more money until the Joint Committee was satisfied that all of Iran’ s enriched Uranium and Plutonium  and centrifuges and other equipment were  under “lock and key” and identified and monitored.   The material may be shipped  out of the Country or rendered unusable. At this time, I would consider the release of Sanction Money to build a new Nuclear Power Plant on a non seismic fault line according to the specifications of the latest generation plant.
  8. Retrofitting existing plants seems to be a waste of time and money.  We are not retrofitting Western plants or American Plants because the process may be too costly and unreliable, why confine the process in Iran?   We have a history of developing Nuclear Power Plants and we have a history of failures, why repeat our mistakes?  If Iran desires Nuclear Energy for Peaceful purposes help them build a plant.  At no time would I release money to persons or entities on SDN ( Blocked persons list)
  9. By carefully controlling the flow of money to the following enterprises I think America and her allies have a framework of an Agreement. We  may have also stopped the arms race in the Middle East.    Iran is getting what they want, Humanitarian and Medical Assistance and  a working Nuclear Power Plant.  The number of Plants built to be limited by the amount of Sanctions relief available to Iran.  Progress payments to be made as required to assure that money flows to these “worthwhile projects” only.  Monitoring exiting Uranium and Plutonium stock piles to be on gong for many generations.
  10. If America is committed to this deal, it is assumed we will be committed to a more productive peaceful regime and be involved in Middle Eastern Affaires.   It behooves us to be involved and support Islamic reformers.  It takes generations to change the “hearts and minds” of the people.  From what I’ve read in Foreign Affaires Magazine, there are many in the Muslim community who would like to see reform take place in Islam, they want a more moderate voice and most of all they want to reform the Koran, taking Jihad out of their religion.  Encourage these scholars and perhaps we will have a Middle East that becomes a Community of Nations instead of a waste land supporting Barbarism.  One can hope.

These are the basic concepts of my Amendment.  We have a choice and a voice when Politics effects us!  Looking forward to your comments, dear followers.  If you wish to add to these thoughts, please do so and share with your Community.  All the best. Joyce

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