The Voice of Joyce: Periscope 11am Topic Trump, The Pope & me

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AM2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Dear followers:

For all of us who wish for change and want a force for change, Is it possible for the Pope to demand more then good will from Diplomats, Congressmen and women, the UN, or should he be asking for “real” action:   timetables for implementation of new ideas, pledges of money and support to create a less inhumane and inhospitable World?

The time for rhetoric has passed.  People listen to anyone with passion.  It is understandable that the ultra conservatives have lost their way.  They followed principles and ideologies that are eroding and not working for them as citizens.  There are “new” , old basic principles to be embraced.  Does trump deliver the TRUTH?  He’s a showman, the Media play to him and he could be elected!  It’s your choice when Politics effects us.

MsgAttachmentThen there’s me,  your voice, I know what to do, but I can’t do it all.  I’d be happy to work with the Pope to change our World.  Our visions are similar.  My problem, how do I get from being another lone voice for change, to your voice, how do I represent “we the People”?  I need help.  Politics is my Passion.  I won’t give up my dream of a free prosperous Democracy.  Donate to me, form committees with me and let’s really take on the establishment and create jobs.  Let’s really support a “tax on risk”  and get  accountable $660 Billion Stimulus to create good jobs and the infrastructure for tomorrow.  We can do it.

Separately, we maintain the status quo.  When I hear and see everyone lining up at my home or Tucker Square ready to help elect me President, under any party you choose, I am ready.   Then like Martin Luther King 50 yrs ago, “we the People” march on Washington.   When do we want change?  We want it now!    If we wait too long we miss another 4 year window of opportunity.

“the Heart and Pulse of the Middle Class”

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