The Voice of Joyce: Careful what you wish for? 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMIncreasing the prices of custom drugs, is egregious. However, did we need a National figure like Hillary Clinton to get involved publicly in this fight. The entire Bio Tech industry lost Billions! That’s a lot of Power! Which raises  questions since The Clinton Global Initiative is closely aligned with Procter and Gamble?    Could this have been handled quietly, by putting pressure on the Corporations? A lot of questions, which leads me to the most important question, ” If Hillary can tank the BioTech market, what if she cared about income inequality, financial stability, or student loans or fair treatment of employees in the Corporate workplace?

  • Where is her power on issues more egregious to” we the people”, to the Middle Class?

Sorry Hillary, you have been targeted here, but every candidate for the office of President, should be appealing to their friends in large Corporations and the Financial industry for ” real” change .

  • We the people need good paying jobs.
  • We the people need to afford new homes, not with 50% of our income but with 25% . That was the American Dream?
  • Let the über wealthy, who “we the People” have supported,  give back to the Middle Class.  If you’re like me , “we the people” want what you have, I am not ashamed of those  wants, who volunteers for poverty?

Which leads me to the next issue effecting the Middle Class, no advertising on IOS 9 platforms. I am a personal advocate of both The Middle Class and Apple Products, however, when I attended Blogher 15, this year I noticed a dramatic change in emphasis. Two years ago advocacy and pathfinder programs were the topics du jour. This year, all content, evolved around branding and marketing. Though, at the time, I was amazed and disappointed. I quickly learned that Middle Class women have few options to make a living. They’ve chosen branding and advocacy. They became marketable, as small ” Mom and Pops ” scrambling for bucks against larger known brands.

  • We should be able to choose to block or not  block the ads, our choice!

The same is true for the candidates self selected for Public office, ” we the People ” should choose them. If they really wish to help ” we the People”, let them battle quietly on soft issues and vociferously on issues that effect the lives of the Middle Class? But battle with measurable results. I’d like to see my idea for # taxing risk pass. $660 billion in revenue is only the beginning. Then ” we the people” will get the stimulus we needed 7 yrs ago. Totally accountable money for totally accountable projects nothing else is acceptable. It’s a win win, less volatility in the marketplace and some sharing with ” we the people” .
Politics affects us, we always have a choice !

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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  1. Thank you Hillary. Somebody had to do it, and Big Pharma had turned a blind eye. Chad

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