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After reviewing my Post on Foreign Policy, these references may be helpful to your understanding of the complexity of the Middle East quagmire!  Please do share your comments.  I will write later, explaining my absence of late!


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  • Financial Times,
    Total fined €750,000 in Iraq corruption case

    Michael Stothard in Paris and David Sheppard in London

    French court finds oil major guilty of corrupting foreign officials in UN oil for food programme

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  • The Kurds are spread out across Turkey, Syria and Iraq as a ” contiguous” group. It’s in Turkey’s best interest to make Peace with them.

Financial Times,
Kurds are now key to a Middle East solution

Henri Barkey

Powers great and small must contend with group’s demands as never before, writes Henri Barkey

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  • Coalition strikes effectively cutting ISIS revenue from oil. Peace could put ISIS out of business as local Syrians stop purchases.

I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:

Financial Times,
Isis oil: jihadis continue pumping

Erika Solomon in Beirut

Islamist group is determined to stay in business despite the heavy blow to finances from air strikes

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