The Voice of Joyce : It’s 2016, do you know what we want? 

2016 Is our Election Year, does every one know the issues? Be prepared!!! The issues confronting us, according to ” The Voice of Joyce “.

1. It’s not immigration that’s the main issue, it’s Corporate welfare decisions that giveaway our taxable Billions to an elite group .

2. It’s not that we have a skill shortage in America, we have leaders who  prefer stagnation and personal and corporate debt, to innovation.   Why?  According to PBS 3/11/16, 1 st tier leaders are not the most decisive or creative !!!

3. With so many underemployed or unemployed, a massive accountable stimulus program could put millions back to work in one year at all  levels of income.

4. How would you fund these programs?  Congressional action!!!

  • A derivative and high speed trading tax of 6 basis points grosses in 1 year $660 Billion.
  • Closing tax loopholes ,  lowering  taxation for major corporations and stopping their game of ” 3 card monte”  within our states,  could gross potentially another $Trillion

5. No need to think about the  deficit. Sensible laws and regulations, made by Congress, would assure America’s  leadership in World growth.

6. No need to fear trade , if the agreements are structured to help the Middle Class as well as Corporate Interests.
Please forgive my lack of advocacy of late!  I’ve spent my days advocating for myself and “hip revision “surgery.   I have not been idle, but distracted personally.


  • I miss you, my dear followers. When I can be informative and productive, I will continue my quest for a  United voice for all of us.  

Meanwhile, as I await surgery,  on 3/18/16, my thoughts are with you. I am working on our political party “ America Speaks“. My IT guy, assures me, my Blog Posts are  collated into an ebook ready for publication.   At 380 pages,  “ The Voice of Joyce”  starts on May 2012- 2014 consisting of 9+ Chapters!!!  Many of my posts are predictive of our” State of Inequality”  and may help you understand how we’ve gotten to 2016.
All the best, dear followers. I will continue to update you on the issues, personal and public.

Have a great weekend!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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