Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday. Gun Ownership, Human Capital and Democracy 

I wrote this Post after the Las Vegas massacre. It’s unfortunately still relevant. Our kids deserve our support. In fact, I cannot envision anything more dreadful than losing a child for a parent. The time to act is before the next tragedy. Let’s march in support of all those who have lost their lives to gun violence in America. It’s time for Common Sense to over ride our obsession with guns.

All the best. Joyce


The  NRA is finally considering a minor control to prevent mass murder.   They will allow debate on the sale and use of the bump stock, a  $200 item that turns an assault weapon into an automatic killing machine.  I understand from my research, this is not the only way to convert an assault weapon into an automatic weapon.  If you’re a dedicated user of assault weapons, you can painstakingly mill a device to fit your weapon and it still looks like a semi automatic weapon.  Debate on this subject is not sufficient when 68% of Americans, as surveyed by PEW, support a total ban of assault style weapons.  In addition, 48% of gun owners support this ban as well.

 After the largest planned mass murder in the country’s history, it’s time to acknowledge and pass gun laws that “We the People” support by a large majority.   No one is…

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