Joyce’s Community: The right to bear arms? vs #SaveOurLives

Is the 2nd Amendment still relevant?  To paraphrase the Constitution, We the People have the right to bear arms in support of a well armed militia.  What does that mean to us today?



The Constitution was written in 1787.  The weapon of choice at the time was a musket, a single chamber long barrel that took a long time to reload.  Why did we need a well armed militia?  We were a small nation in 1775, with no natural boundaries from coast to coast and many enemies bordering the original 13 Colonies.  Today, a well armed militia is no match for the Armed Services of the United States.  Yet, well armed militias, totaling 3% of all gun owners, own 1/2 the weapons in private ownership, 150,000,000 guns.  Why?  Who are they afraid of and who are they going to shoot?

The next question, why do people who collect guns, 30% of the population, need self protection? From whom?  If you want to hunt game, no problem, use a weapon that saves the animal.  Most hunters I know use a bow and arrow for hunting, it’s more sporting.  What do you hunt with an AR-15 besides another human?  It has a small entry wound and exits a body with a hole the size of a grapefruit.  All soft tissues and organs hit turn to jelly.  Pretty gruesome.  In addition, AR-15’s are made to shoot and kill the maximum amount of life.  Is this what we want accessible to buyers who are young, aggressive, inexperienced, angry, mentally unstable, someone with a chip on his/her shoulder, someone who just wants to “play” with guns, or maybe someone who wants to be the next famous American serial killer and wants to see his name in the history books?  Think about this.  This person  might live in your neighborhood or go to your church or your kid’s school, or might work at your office.

So, as a non gun owning citizen, I need to understand a gun owner’s desire to own whatever gun of their choice without restrictions?  For me, gun ownership as espoused and controlled by the NRA makes no sense.  Since Ruby Ridge, no one has attempted to take down the government.  In Oklahoma, the massacre of innocent civilians and children, at the office of Firearms & Tobacco, was a cowardly act against unarmed civilians.

The litany of massacres continues because we allow unstable individuals to purchase guns legally.  Therefore, I’ve attached a link below to Israel’s application process for gun ownership.  It is an arduous process that makes good sense. The first line of defense for the Public is a physician who certifies that an individual is physically and mentally capable of owning a gun.  No one can apply for ownership without having their name entered into a National Computerized DataBase.  These are the first steps preceding background checks, followed by a shooting & proficiency training for understanding the workings of your weapon.  No one in Israel is able to own a gun without a good reason.


Why are we different?  The rest of the World, shakes their heads in dismay and asks the same question, except they believe Americans have a “gun fetish”.  I say we have a death wish.  We lead the World in violent death by guns.  When do we stop enriching the gun manufacturers, distributors, retailers and start #SavingOurLives?   There is nothing more precious than a human life, in my humble opinion.  We must listen to the children, “they will lead the way, “Scripture tells us.   As they are being slaughtered, they are crying out for laws that will bring the kind of justice that has for so long eluded our society when it comes to protecting the everyday American who walks down the street, into a grocery store, a bank, goes to school, to church, to a concert or a ball game.  If we can’t listen to our young people, to our friends in other countries who have solved this problem, then we have truly lost the ability to tell our own children that we can keep them safe from gun violence.

Think about our gun obsession and draw your own conclusions.

Speak to you later and we’ll chat.


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