America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Coping in Wuhan, China where the Coronavirus started ! The film maker documented life in Wuhan, how he felt when his Nurse wife came down with the virus, the course of the virus and volunteer efforts of individuals, helping others secure medications from all over China & 50 days later Wuhan is still in lockdown. Beautiful compassionate film by ordinary people experiencing trauma & surviving.

This is a cautionary tale. If you have symptoms, seek hospital help immediately. Fever is the first symptom.

All over our World our lives will change. In America we’re going into Quarantine in many States. Our lives will be changed. Will our priorities as well?

We now know, America can’t be complacent about spending money on Healthcare and Pandemic solutions. They’re not profitable , but they will become our life line to our future survival. With Climate evolving, Pandemics will become more prevalent, America must be prepared. That means investment in Science, R&D, & Hospitals equipped to treat the sick. It also means teaching & training more healthcare professionals than we have today.

Lockdown is traumatic and costly. The cost will have to be addressed to insure that as we experience the cruel effects of a Pandemic, we are concerned with loss of life first and economic restitutions and alleviation of personal costs to survive! QE of the Middle & Lower Classes, working or not, must cover two months of living expenses. That could total an outlay of $5-6000 per person, $750 Billion -$1.7 Trillion.

We’ve spent $1.5 Trillion on Tax Cuts for Corporations, giving them the largest tax cut in the World and their highest profit Margin ever. The Fed just used the last of our $1.7 Trillion in Repo Bonds to Bail out Wall Street.

Where and when will the money be available for Main Street to alleviate our suffering and provide the Capital to resume our lives. $50 Billion is a start. It is nothing compared to the relief of a small sector of our Economy. Who may at this time be self Quarantined with adequate food & necessities of life. We the People deserve to survive and thrive. It’s time to end Late Stage Capitalism and survive & thrive.

The YouTube from China is attached. There problems and coping are us. Be prepared. This is also the time for major discussions on the World’s plan to handle future medical expenses of diseases & pollution and economic upheaval in times of Pandemic that follow!

Leadership Counts! We’re all in this together. The heart and pulse of “We the People “.

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