AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce BBC briefing on European’s lockdowns to combat the virus vs UK & US where many States don’t get it. You don’t see or know who has Covid 19. Lockdown protects people and doesn’t overload our hospitals. That’s the main point. We can’t overload an inadequate hospital facility.

Americans and Brits can’t listen to Politicians and must listen to the experts. The Doctors are right to be concerned. Without lockdowns, the Healthcare systems become overloaded.

The reality, people will suffer physically and economically. When the virus subsides, there will be major dollars allocated to Reconstruction & Recovery. After the crash of 2008, we gave a pittance to Main Street and a fortune to Wall Street.

Rebuilding requires an equal bail out to Main Street. We the People have a human right to survive & thrive, too! We’ll need a major stimulus package in the Trillions, too! Then we can survive & thrive and stop our stagnation and diseases of despair!

We can do it together. The heart and pulse of “We the People “.

BBC YouTube below for the latest information abroad and here!

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