4 thoughts on “TheVoiceOfJoyce. Census to be continued to normal deadline. If you haven’t filed your Census form yet , please do so. Our electoral votes, $1.5 Trillion in State allocation & our representation in Congress depend on your Census form. Every 10 years “we the People “ have an opportunity to have our voices heard.

  1. Nothing but bad news from the injustice and crimes that Trump is imposing on us. I cannot stand him 😡😡

    1. Our only recourse is voting him and the GOP supporting him out of office. Also, if you’re younger than 60, please volunteer to be a poll worker or recruit and educate poll workers. Many States will be short 20,000 workers because of Covid 19. Be empowered, act, vote and help others to Vote. Thank you for commenting. Perhaps you’ll Subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. TheVoiceOfJoyce.me. Please share my site with friends, family, your Community. Thank you. Joyce

  2. Please join a fantastic Twitter group of Democrat friends. They would love to hear your views. The creator or this private group is a highly intelligent guy called Euro Maestro who lives in Paris but speaks and shares only in English. He’s one of the most fascinating people I’ve met online and has met many VIP’s & traveled nationwide as well as worldwide. He’s currently creating a daily Covid-19 chart for a medical doctor. On Twitter his private room or group is under “ Euro’s News Chat “ Hope you’re doing well. Best wishes, Des

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