TheVoiceOfJoyce. We can have a safe , fair Election. Here’s how.

The Solutions

If Mailing in your voting ballots , mail early. I’m putting a stamp on mine.

If Early Voting is available in your State, drop off boxes, will be provided for your ballot. Drop them in. They’ll be counted.

The Western States and Florida have systems in place to count ballots. The Eastern States will need to educate poll workers & due to the Pandemic, States will have to train younger poll workers. The ACLU in many States are part of the Education process.

Western States & Battleground States have early voting & mail in Ballots.

It won’t be easy, but the local State grass roots activists have to be involved. Schools may not be open to us. We’ll need larger venues for voting, stadiums and PPE equipment for poll workers and sanitized polling sites and sanitized booths . That’s why mail in no excuse absentee ballots are desirable and safe.

Mail early and trust your local postal carrier to deliver your ballot safely. They’ll provide the service they’ve always provided. Don’t fear your local postal carrier.

Don’t listen to the hype. In 10 years of voting and with Billions of votes cast, voter fraud is infinitesimal. (Brennan Center for Justice: Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth)

  • Vote once! No matter what Trump says.
  • Vote.
  • Every vote counts and together we can rejuvenate government to reflect the will of “We the People “.

Once you’ve applied for a ballot, check and track it’s status. In NYC , we can access the Board of Election site to track our ballots, similar to tracking a FedEx package. Once you receive your ballot and your ballot is filled out , recheck your selections and don’t forget to sign it before dropping it off or mailing it. Your signature validates your vote.

Do it right. We don’t want anyone to disqualify our ballots. Voting is our right and our privilege. If you can volunteer your time, many places like Detroit and Philadelphia are in need of poll workers. The Covid Pandemic has made it difficult for anyone over 60 yrs old to participate as a Poll Worker.

This is the year to be involved. Our lives depend upon us voting overwhelmingly to overcome the mismanagement, voter suppression and election under funding that has occurred.

Preserve our Democracy, it’s the best form of government that exists. Vote and Vote early. Make your plan to Vote, now.

  • Slides courtesy of Stanford University in collaboration with MIT Healthy Elections Project.
  • Organizations to reach for advice and volunteering.
  • The Voter Project PA (Pennsylvania)
  • The Georgia ACLU
  • ACLU Michigan
The Solutions

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