The numbers don’t reflect today’s workforce. Labor #’s were developed in the 1930’s after the Great Depression. Our unemployment #’s reflect a manufacturing economy not gig workers and contract labor.

Ron Wydon of Oregon is willing to work on fundamental change to Labor Law & Analytics. Let’s start looking at employment and unemployment through today’s reality.

10 million are unemployed! How fast they resume work depends on Stimulus projects . Our Nation requires rebuilding and new Infrastructure. At low interest rates and more jobs and higher wages , we will increase America’s productivity and participation in the workforce.

We’ve seen the cracks in our WiFi and connectivity, fix it. Add to people’s education and get them off welfare.

Congress represents “We the People “. Corporate interests and the Wealthy perpetuate a system of patronage, that does not encourage benefits to “we the People “.

Now that we can vote overwhelmingly by paper ballots, let’s continue this process Nationally and vote for Representatives of”we the People “. Participatory citizenship never ends in a Democracy. It is our responsibility to be involved and to vote.

When we are involved, the balance of funds and justice will flow to us. We can control the purse strings at all levels of government with our vote!

Support legislators who will make fundamental changes to Law. Support representatives of “we the People “. Look at what is and where you want to be!

In business, at Ford, we never said no. When asked to do a job , we did it. That’s America’s can do spirit. Let’s revive it! Top down and bottom up.

The only thing we say no to is feudalism. We are not subservient, we are equals. We want equal justice and work with dignity and respect!

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