TheVoiceOfJoyce RapidTests, an antigen test that detects Covid 19 in people in minutes is a useful test to complement Vaccines. The RapidTests are used for Public Health & Safety, by allowing people free access to these tests, schools, workplaces, and the US economy are open. No more Lockdowns. If Biden signed a Public Health Exectutive Order, RapidTests can be quickly evaluated and authorized for Public frequent usage. It would free or cost a $1/day. Britain & Germany use these tests routinely. Americans would use them several times a week, since the Delta Variant is contagious in 4 days, to assure they are not carrying the virus into the office, hospitals , schools or families. This test is used to protect the ones you live and care about. Stop the Outbreaks, employ the use of RapidTests. Biden, sign that Executive Health order now and allow FDA APPROVAL to work quickly among the evaluations of many competitive products. This is a test that’s been proven effective, accurate and effective , in a short time span. 15 minutes at home and your status is known. No more doubts on whether you’re carrying Covid. You’ll know in 15 min and life can resume more freely!

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