TheVoiceOfJoyce Vaccine for kids 5-11 may be authorized by the FDA on 10/26. Most parents & grandparents in the Northeast eagerly await them. It will allow kids to be taught safely in Schools. Remote learning is not as effective. Further, it’s easier to give your child the Vaccine, then watch them suffer in hospitals with Covid. 225-200,000 are hospitalized with Covid. Further, at least 120,000 kids have lost a parent to Covid. Stop childhood trauma & give the Vaccine to your yourself and your kids. This is no different than getting the measles vaccine or other Vaccines. There is minor risk. Of 5-10 million kids inoculated in Israel, 142 had myocarditis. Your child’s odds and quality of life are better with the Vaccine. Vaccines save lives. Covid causes death , severe illness, & hospitalization. Opt for life. Don’t become a Merchant of Death.

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