TheVoiceOfJoyce John Deere workers on Strike, Hollywood workers striking. This is no longer a silent protest. About time. When 40-50% of the Country make $50,000 or less & they’re food insufficient, can’t afford healthcare, may have lost all their savings, what else can they do, but strike for better pay and benefits! It’s not a want. People need the necessities of life to live. The Middle Class is paying fir the Ultra Wealthy tax insufficiency. We’re paying for the expensive R&D that goes into Merck’s new monoclonal antibody & then Merck wants to charge us again @$712 a dose? Where’s the cap on what’s billable to US❓The wealthy are above funding benefits for Society. They’re taking and give back Magnanimously when it convenient. Oh, those supply chain problems, pay truckers a decent living wage, and they’ll come roaring back to work. Now most truckers are bankrupt or in heavy debt. We bailed out Corporations at the Expense of Main Street. We bailed out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. When will the USA acknowledge that the Middle Class is worthy of a bailout. Release the Funds for the Families Act and the Infrastructure Bills and let people survive and thrive!

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