TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV Clinical Updates with Dr Daniel Griffin. EPI #84. Moderna booster shot for Elderly & immuno Suppressed FDA APPROVED! On Oct 26 th expect an announcement from the FDA on safety of the Vaccine for 5-11 year olds. They get sick, they’re hospitalized and over 500 have died. Wearing a mask is protective and they’ll be fine. In school learning, free of Covid, returns kids to a normal life. If you’ve had Covid, you are not permanently immune. You can get it again. It’s recommended that you get one Pfizer or Moderna shot after 6 months. Our Country has only vaccinated 50% of the population. We can do better. Listen to the new info on the Merck monoclonal pill 4-5 day course. No hospitalization. It will be distributed by a pharmacy. Hopefully. For easy access. Listen for more info. Have a great day!

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