TheVoiceOfJoyce Latest Clinical update on Covid 19 with Dr Daniel Griffin on TWiV, Microbe TV (The incubator) Columbia Dept of Virology. Takeaways: Pregnant women who get Covid are 2/3 Ed’s likely to lose their babies, getting the Vaccine is protective for pregnant women and babies. Kids get Covid, Vaccinate them. All 28 million. If you have co morbidities; overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, consider a monoclonal antibody prophylactic. Everyone 18 yrs and older can get their 3 rd dose. We need this protection. RapidTests work. If you’re sure you’re exposed to Covid take a PCR test, too. Otherwise, two RapidTests following your exposure may show positive. Quarantine for the Vaccinated is a few days, for the Unvaccinated it 10 days. Telemedicine reduces hospitalization by 66%. Don’t stop Telemedicine during this time, it saves lives and prevents severe infections from becoming worse requiring hospitalization. Over telemedicine calls, Doctors are on call for advice. Seeing a patient, allows for early diagnosis and treatment Be informed, Listen to TWIV and submit your questions to their teams

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