AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV 103 with Dr Daniel Griffin

The latest Clinical Science on Covid 19. Caution: The 2 nd infection with a Covid infection, if Unvaccinated, may be worse than your 1 st infection. Omicron & the Ba variant are limiting our therapies. Don’t use anti microbials, use Paxlovid or the GSK monoclonal antibody Intra muscular. If 3 days into the infection, use Remdesivir. Don’t wait for symptoms, treat immediately. If you’re pregnant, had 3 shots & will deliver 4 months after your last shot, get the 4 th booster. The Science is leaning towards your protection and the safety of your unborn child. Young children are only 25% Vaccinated. Please keep your kids safe, Covid is here to stay, Vaccinate your kids. For more information, listen to this program. 44 minutes of Scientific peer reviewed information.

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