AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Clinical Update on Long Covid & Covid 19. EPI 104 with Dr Daniel Griffin. The facts as we know them, from peer reviewed scientific papers. 1. Covid deaths in our Country are at 1700 a day. That’s too high and 8000 a day globally. 2. Omicron is still in our population and the Variant Ba 2 ?is at 10% . 3. Kids have good Vaccine protection against Covid infections and severe symptoms. 4. 5Million kids have been orphaned by Deaths of their parents with Covid,or a care takers death. 5. If you’re asymptomatic, you might experience long Covid. Symptoms besides fatigue, are tinnitus and increased risk of diabetes. 6. Two Vaccines and the booster are considered the full course of Vaccination. 3 shots. 7. Be cautious, you don’t want to get the Covid infection. Wear your mask, even when the mask mandates are lifted. Especially, if you are immune compromised. Last, If you test positive for the virus, seek treatment immediately. Get Paxlovid. Don’t wait to become sick. Be well and be safe!

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