TheVoiceOfJoyce Another by product of Climate Change, pathogens unfamiliar with new territory are landing on our shores, carried by vectors, mosquitoes and others, bringing us malaria, west Nile disease, Covid and many more. As the world continues to heat, refugees are forced off their lands and carry diseases indigenous to their regions, to ours. Another reason to care about Climate Mitigation now. The benefits of Mitigation are a better quality of life and new jobs for new infrastructure industries. Being proactive will pay off in improved health and quality of life!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Twenty percent of the Ukrainian people are refugees in Poland, Moldova & Rumania. Disinformation campaigns are starting on Social Media, claiming these people, without safe haven, mostly women, children and the elderly, are getting better wages than residents. The hatred begins and has no good ending. Remember, hate claims two victims, don’t envoy the misfortune of others or listen to Misinformation. It exists to incite hate and violence. On the bright side, The first grain shipment reached Turkey. Ukraine has 10 million Tonnes of grains, corn & fertilizer to ship to ease food insecurity. If those ships get through safely, perhaps other cease fires can be negotiated. Meanwhile, Russia uses a nuclear power plant to shield its weapons. Ukraine is calling for a no fly zone over the Plant, for fear of a Nuclear accident. Day 161 and the War continues!

TheVoiceOfJoyce From the FINANCIAL TIMES: Charts of the California drought over the last 22 yrs. 2007, 2011 were pivot points when California ceased having intermittent droughts and heat. The heat causes a loop effect, creating more heat , more dryness as the temperature rises. Now, it’s not unusual for California temperatures to increase 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The droughts, fires and dry ground fuel each other making Climate Extremes more prevalent and dangerous. ( Giving my interpretation of conditions because I can’t share FT articles with all my followers)

TheVoiceOfJoyce : UN brokered deal to elevate famine and high prices for Grains, wheat, corn & barley across Africa and Asia, has been lifted. The agreement was signed by the Ukrainian government, Putin & Turkey guaranteeing safe passage from Odessa. The first ship is carrying 20,000 tons of Corn to Sierra Leone. The UN is monitoring its passage, while other ships stocked with grain are ready to leave Ukrainian waters. Putin has agreed to step down assaults to all grains to get to their destination, alleviating hunger and inflation. The British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, the leader in the race for Prime Minister, has stated “ the way for Putin to assure there is no food insecurity , is to stop his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Ministers are fighting back Climate Change denial, delay & uncertainty in Southern Communities and West Virginia. They’re adding Solar Panels to their Churches and re greening their properties with flowers, trees and plants native to the area. They’re starting small but they might want to add a movie night for discussion? The documentary “ Big Oil” produced in 3 Parts by the BBC & aired on PBS Frontline, is now streaming on Amazon prime. Ministers can also, lead the way to energy conversion of decommissioned coal mines. Solar Panels and Wind Turbines can integrate with existing infrastructure and produce jobs and sustainable energy. There are cycles in industry. Man and science evolve and as we discover better forms of energy, they replace the old. That is the nature of scientific discovery. Trust in our future. If we desire to survive & thrive, a lot can be accomplished, even in a year. Lockdown improved Hawaiian waters and brought back song birds to many towns. Change is occurring and that’s good. After over a 100 yrs of fossil fuels dominating our grid, it’s time to move on. The Scientists of the late 1970’s were right, the year 2000 would see an exponential rise in CO2 Emissions and that would cause catastrophic warming effects. It’s happening today and it’s cheaper to move forward with many alternatives, rather than rely on Fossil Fuels for our power!

TheVoiceOfJoyce One Climate Crisis after another as the World’s people, ecosystems and existing power grids fail to adjust to triple digit temperatures. China is experiencing Blackouts, their antiquated Coal Production, cannot keep up with electrical demands. Their problems, and everyone else’s have been exacerbated by the Ukrainian War! China hasn’t learned that Solar and Wind turbines can integrate with existing coal mine infrastructure and integrate into their grid with more and cheaper power. Meanwhile, Yosemite is burning and the Redwoods are in danger. The Swiss Italian border has shifted in the Alps and this is the beginning of Climate Catastrophes. Our planet has only warmed 1.1 Degree Celsius. Our CO2 Emissions are equivalent to 252 million years ago and Biden doesn’t think we have a Climate Emergency? The entire Globe should recognize a Climate Emergency and act to stop all Wars immediately. It’s in our collective best interests to stop Wars to mitigate Climate Changes and their negative effects on life on Earth. When do we become intelligent people and act to save our lives? All lives?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Zelensky has much to concern him. The release of grain, signed by Putin as he continues to lash out . Then, Putin brazenly bombed Odesa’s Port. Will Putin honor his agreement with Turkey and the UN & allow the grain to flow? Or will his disdain for Binding Contracts prevail? It’s a risk worth taking. 400 million lives are counting on Ukrainian grain. Next, Zelensky has collaborators with the Russians and needs Russian entrenchment positions. Zelensky is asking the Ukrainian people for their help in pinpointing the Collaborators and the exact sites of Russian Entrenchment/ Occupation! Once the information is at hand, an effective Counteroffensive can be launched, leading to a cease fire and reclamation of Land lost. With 2 million Ukrainians, kidnapped and brought to Russia, no matter what happens, there can be no fair Russian Referendum, unless and until they are returned. Besides, it’s too early for Putin to decide Ukraine is now Russian. Fierce fighting disproves his lie!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Heat pumps should be on everyone’s shopping list. They are very efficient, effective, but costly. The savings in Carbon Dioxide and gas are enormous. Our $300-600 credit is too small, considering we Subsidize Big Oil for a $ Trillion a year! Heat Pumps now cost about $2000 for an a 1 BrApt – $10,000 for a home. Japan runs on heat pumps and has a reduced Carbon footprint and savings on gas! The EU needs American heat pumps and we need them, too!

TheVoiceOfJoyce WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY? They make $2.8 Billion a day, accumulating $54 Trillion in 50 yrs or 1% of the World’s wealth. They’ve stopped investment in alternative fuels to maintain their wealth at the expense of our Planet warming, at the expense of polluting and dissipating our Natural Resources. They have enough money to buy off every Politician on our Planet to maintain their dirty profits. As a reward , for Fossil Fuel largesse ( graft, corruption) Governments subsidized them , add $16 Billion a day to their coffers in SUBSIDIES? The US provides them with a $1 Trillion a year? Wouldn’t this money be better used to help we the People survive the price gouging we’re incurring, the child care we need, the min wage and benefits we deserve, the transportation and preservation of our Natural Resources? Action on the elimination of these Subsidies is a priority! To continue them, in light of this soon to be published report, is to admit by all Politicians, that they are Corrupt and care little about the lives of “We The PEOPLE! “ #StopOilSubsidiesNow!

TheVoiceOfJoyce : There’s hope for bio diversity in our Oceans with Kelp restoration. First, sea urchins must be culled from the areas and Giant heat resistant Kelp planted and secured by rocks, when kelp restoration is successful in Australia, Japan, South Korea and Tasmania, kelp grows 40 meters high supporting shell fis and fish populations. A win for humanity.