AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce After trying to exterminate the city of Mariupol, Russia tries to exterminate a population of 450,000 left without food, water, plumbing by telling them it was safe to leave the city. He’s a liar. He wanted the civilians to be caught in the cross fire surrounding the city. The people have been told to go back to their bomb shelters till a Humanitarian ceasefire and corridor exists for safe transit. Demonstrations are taking place in Southern Ukrainian cities, protesting Russian occupation. Putin must believe he is accountable to no one. He’s unstoppable? He can use 500 bombs to destroy a couple of cities. Cities that were contemporary with up to date infrastructure and still he bombs more cities and people? Why? The Ukraine is not a country equipped to fight back. Nor is it a country that wishes to be dominated by Russia. The Ukrainians are a free and independent people. Go home Putin, your own Countrymen are fleeing Mother Russia! Can you afford to rebuild all these Countries? Can you and your close knit circle of Kleptocrats afford the infrastructure rebuilding? Don’t lay waste to a Country unless you can rebuild it. You broke it, you fix it! All your money should be forfeited! People may fear you, but you’ve become a pariah !

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