AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce This week in Virology with Dr Daniel Griffin. #105. The takeaway: our kids are dying. I mis spoke, a 1000 kids have died, not 1500. 24 kids a week. State governments that take away a parents right to choose masks are putting kids at risk. They’re also taking away parental freedom to choose! Furthermore, malicious disinformation on Covid 19 is coming from the US, China, Russia and Iran targeting the Ukrainian population. Only 1 in 3 Ukrainians are vaccinated. A 1000 Ukrainians a week are dying from Covid. This disinformation campaign was discovered by several Universities trying to stop disinformation campaign. We need greater responsibility from Social Media Platforms. It’s also been discovered that 6 months after being infected with Covid grey matter in the brain shrinks and people are at risk of memory loss, cognitive decline and loss of smell and emotion. Why risk I’ll health, when our Vaccines are effective.? For more information, listen to the Podcast.

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