AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Infrastructure, transportation via automobiles is a requirement for life in America. Many who live in Rural areas have several old cars, so one is always running.Americans have cited poor transportation as a reason for not getting to work. Now no one can get out to purchase groceries, go to restaurants. The price of gas is too high. This inflation started before the War between Putin and Ukraine. It started with all inflationary pricing, caused by greedy monopolies. America’s dependence on oil & autos is 100+yrs old. California roads were to be RR’s , that didn’t happen with pressure from Exxon and the automotive industry. Now we need convenient public transportation. When will government take this opportunity to go trains and electric buses. Innovation starts now! Advocacy starts now. It’s necessary to shape a World for the 21 st Century. A world where we live and breathe clean air. Change your Legislative bodies on the local and state levels. Don’t accept big government that doesn’t support “we the People “!

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