AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Kyiv bombed 4 dead. Heavy devastation. 4 NATO members to meet Zelenskiy in show of solidarity as Putin bombs Capital. Mariupol surrounded and people starving. No one surrenders. Putin is destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure and people and will have no victory at all. The longer this War continues, the longer commodity prices are increased, commodities not replaced will cause famine & instability in many countries. THIS IS NO TIME FOR PUTIN’s WAR! There should be more courageous Russians speaking out and condemning this War. China is necessary to stop the Carnage. Let’s see if 300,000 hackers can stop Putin’s war efforts and get news to the Russians. Believable news. Those hackers also have to prevent Western cybersecurity breaches. Big job for professional IT. A new way to counter a conventional War?

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