AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Link to Heather Cox Richardson American Historian : Today’s News. Be scared, be very scared of Rick Scott’s RNC Platform.

Get the International news of the Ukraine Putin’s War. No one knows what China will do.

It is clear, Putin’s army are murdering Farmers, told by Zelenskiy to Plant. Much of the Middle East, EU and African Nations rely on Ukrainian wheat products and sunflower oil. Also fertilizers. Their absence from the World Markets will be another Humanitarian tragedy. More refugees suffering famine.

Be scared, very scared about Rick Scott’s RNC platform. Small Federal Government. Leaving State fiefdoms and aimed to takeaway SS, Medicare, Medicaid and our Social Safety Net. Tax those with incomes of $100,000 or less. Effectively wiping out the Middle & Lower Classes. C

learly as we’re concerning ourselves with what’s happening in the Ukraine. TrumpsGOP is still planning a coup. By using conspiracy theories and hatred of the Democrats, they plan to gut our Democracy.

Be Afraid, Very Afraid of TrumpsGOP. They don’t represent “We the People “. They’ve stated their platforms. Read it for yourself and take it seriously. Then ask yourself, Do you want to exist under a Putin type Kleptocracy? If no, seek alternative representation.

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