AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce This week’s recording of “This week in Virology #106 Clinical Update with Dr Daniel Griffin is accessible on Google. Dr Griffin is recording from an inaccessible area in Panama.

TWiV 877: COVID-19 clinical update #106 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

March 19, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #106, Daniel Griffin covers failure of ivermectin to improve hospitalization, increased hospitalization of children with Omicron, seroconversion of children versus adults, effectiveness of Pfizer mRNA vaccine in children, high vaccine effectiveness in Finland against Omicron, distinct long COVID clinical phenotypes, and estimating worldwide excess mortality.’s%20/render-playlist/no/custom-color/166899/

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Conclusion: all comments by Dr Griffin based on peer reviewed science.

Troubling: Kids get Covid many times. Protect them with a Vaccine. Do it before November when the next Covid Wave hits.

The new Ba 2 Variant is not mild. Neither was Omicron. The excess deaths show us Covid mutates and Americans have lost approximately 131 people per 100,000. The Vaccines are effective. The Vaccines prevent hospitalization and death.

The mRNA VACCINES are a 3 dose regimen and a 4 th dose is recommended for the immune compromised.

We have unused monoclonal antibodies available and Paxlovid, an anti viral. States are not ordering the drugs available for treatment. The science is known, the therapeutics are known. Use them.

Just because a talking head says you don’t need a mask, it doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Where your mask and be safe.

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