AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Clinical update on Covid 19 #109 with Dr Daniel Griffin, answering our questions and offering prescription guidelines for Physicians. According to the experts, there is no herd immunity from Covid 19. People can be infected multiple times. Kids need the Vaccine. The science is clear. Without Vaccines kids can be really sick, develop high grade fevers, malaise, headaches, stochastic cramps and suffer for weeks. Kids need the Vaccine to remain resistant to Covid. Older kids and teenagers are susceptible to heart problems, if Unvaccinated. The Vaccines are 90% effective. 3 doses for someone not immune compromised, is enough. Wear your mask to protect yourself and others. The treatment of choice, if infected, is Paxlovid. United Healthcare has a program for the fall, giving a free test for both the Flu and Covid, the Kit comes with Tamiflu , if you test + , for the Flu. There’s more!

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