AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce This week in Virology, Clinical Update with Dr Daniel Griffin #110, noting our information on SARS COV2 is no longer hit or miss, it’s precise Science. The Vaccines work. More people require Vaccination, particularly our Children. Almost 1000 children have died in America, severe disease doesn’t happen with the Vaccine. Myocarditis with the Vaccine is minuscule and transitory. If you’re older, test positive, don’t wait, get Paxlovid immediately. There are some monoclonal antibodies available in your home, and the anti viral Remdesivir. Important, don’t wait days to get worse, take the Paxlovid and don’t become sick. READ CDC GUIDELINES. Unfortunately, many physicians don’t keep up with the literature, when in doubt, Listen to this episode of Microbe TV

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