AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The FT link below can not be shared with many, so let me Paraphrase it! Macron is in a fight for the Presidency of France against Marie Le Pen. As a “populist”. & a Putin acolyte, she is free to say anything that resounds with “We the People”. She’s right when she criticizes the executive pay of many CEO’, they’re rewarded whether warranted or not. Is Le Pen in that elite group herself? Probably. Is Putin surrounded by Oligarchs he made and in turn , you bet. What did Donald Trump do when he got into the White House, he created the largest tax cut for Corporations in American History. Trump ushered in the 2 nd Gilded Age. To be elected in Democracies, it takes money. Take money out of politics and Presidents or Premiers won’try on the military corporate complex, power will revert to “We the People”. Democracies don’t exist under a show of Putin and Kleptocrats, they exist under well intentioned individuals, like Macron. Say no to LePen and foreign interference in EU politics and let the EU know and understand your concerns. Democracy thrives on an informed involved Public! Equality is a new concept in a Centuries old tradition of rule by the wealthy. The people must vote for Macron and the EU and demand that their voices are heard. Democracy is fragile and must be cultivated to achieve results for “We the People”. It can happen with 100% participation. It will never happen with Putin puppets, they’ll say what you want to hear to be elected, then they’ll repress your Nation . Get all foreign powers out of free elections. Choose, Macron.

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