AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 129: “Power!”

I’m tired of mourning for loss of lives in America. Ever think “We the People” have power? I know we do! We need to stop mourning. Marching and Protesting and crowdsource Class Action Lawsuits that Target those who have caused our misery.

Litigation is working in Australia and Peru for Climate sustainability. We can follow the Model of the recent Goldman prize winner and litigate for our Rights and a better future.

Why limit ourselves to Climate Sustainability. Use the model to guarantee a life free of gun violence. Use the model to break the Corporate insistence on profits before People. No need to be #1 in Suicides (ages 10-34) or homicides.

We’ve lived off the benefits of the Industrial Age for 120 yrs. Isn’t time to promote sustainable innovation? We can have a better life now. Listen while I discuss what’s possible!

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