AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The new norm in Climate heating has Catastrophic consequences. Both poles are heating simultaneously, the Planet is heating up from America’s West, Mid West to the South and Spain is too hot as well, then there’s India! Along the route of these massive heat waves living is intolerable, theirs loss of power, loss of water, productivity is down, in India , 15-35% of their wheat is destroyed, if you’re outdoors you can’t work, if you’re at school you can’t learn, if you’re a fragile bird, you’ll die. Many are dying in this heat. Our Global temperature has risen 1.2 degrees Celsius. This is a man made problem. Fossil Fuels are causing the Carbon and Methane Emissions that heat our Planet by depleting our ability to block the Sunlight. Urbanization exacerbates our heating problem. We need more green spaces to live and a plan to end our dependence on Fossil Fuels!

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